Restless Poetry - the NEW album

Help me finishing and releasing the album and

Trying to raise 4,000€ with your help!

Updates to follow.

I'm currently recording my new album 'Restless Poetry', and still need quite a bit of funding to complete the recording process, and moving on to releasing and promoting the album.  I hope to release the album by early March 2019, and will post updates and tracks as I go along.

So far 8 tracks have been recorded at Eiger Studios (Leeds) with engineer Will Jackson, Dave Bowie on bass, and Richard Bostock on saxophone and clarinet.

Additional recordings have taken place at Bazzoni Studios with Luc Wielockx on saxophones, and Nina Babet on vocals. A string quartet is yet to come!

The songs that were recorded are either based on poems by Langston Hughes - from his earliest period, the 1920's - or  my own songs.

Another 4-5 songs will be recorded soon, with different line-ups - about which more later.

After that, we're down to mixing, mastering, art work, CD production, and last but not least, promotion.

In the UK, promotion will be taken care of by James H. Soars.

I'm also looking at release and promo in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Sweden.

As this is all  r a t h e r  expensive, your help is very much appreciated.

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