Mark Somers

Guitarist, composer, singer

"A Great Combination of Thoughtful Technique
and Wild Creativity" - David Bowie

Great review by Dai Jeffries on

"To your list of famous Belgians add the name of Mark Somers because if you don’t know about him now you will soon. Mark is a singer and songwriter who plays guitar and bass and seems to place no limitations on his musical imagination."

"He is a fine guitar player, creative vocalist, thoughtful lyricist and someone you should definitely know more about.

There is a joy in the integrity and honesty of song writing about real life and real things."

The great Billy Jenkins ( listened and wrote: 

"A smashing package - a huge labour of love! From all involved.

Real musicians - as written in the insert notes! How refreshing! 

Folk meets jazz meets blues meets avant garde meets world......

Lovely use of instrumentation. What a fabulous kora player!

Love your unexpected but totally exact melody and/or chordal nuances.

Beautiful finger picking too.

The sound of love and humanity. And, oh boy, do we need that now..."

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